For some of us switching the television off or reading 'The End' in our favourite novel doesn't necessarily mean the lives of the characters we've become so involved with has to end. A quick search of the interent or trip down to the local bookstore and we can often quickly find a new story or picture of our hero or heroine. And it doesn't end there.

Nowadays it's simply a matter of logging on to the internet and typing the name of your favourite show and adding fanfic to the search and you'll no doubt soon be inundated with a variety of sites offering you a plethora of different stories or pictures featuring your much loved characters and settings. These fan fiction stories can come in a  wide variety of genres and situtations; whether they be a continuation of what happens in the tv show or movie, putting the main characters in situations you know you'll never see on the show or mixing up the relationships a little (after all just because the produces think character A makes a good match for character B doesn't mean everyone else does) These fanfic stories will also come with a variety of ratings, from the general rating which is suitable for all ages to those designed speficially for adult readers (most fanfic stories will have disclaimers on them and it's always advisable to pay attention to them) you willl also find either slash or alternative stories (same gender pairings) or crossover stories (Harry Potter crossover into the Heroes world etc) it all depends on what you're looking for.

Within the pages of this website I will try to make it a little easier for you to find just the fanfiction story and/or situation you are looking for along with any sites that offer fan art works, places where you can buy paperback novels that feature your favourite shows or characters and anything else that is related to fan fiction. So the next time you watch your favourite show and it heads into a direction you're not all that keen on, or the series ends and you know you're going to want more you can dive back into the lives of your characters online.

This site will be regularly updated as I come across more fandoms and more links to those particular fanfic stories or artworks. If you have any fandom suggestions or story links you would like me to add please vist the and leave a comment.

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At the Coffee Table
"I want to die!" I heard her wail, on that rainy, thunderous night. Many a times, it's a good thing that we forget, for little did I know when I offered her help, that my life was about to change- forever! 'At the Coffee Table' is a collection of short stories, poems and bits, wrapped in an inspiring and enchanting story of love where despair, sorrow and rain transforms to happiness, clear skies and vast horizons... Fail to Remember... She kissed me on the lips. "I hear the bells ringing," I said and she laughed...
The Way the Ball Bounces
The ball bounces from South-central LA to New York, to Seattle, and back. The ball bounces through high school, through street peddling, and hitchhiking to New York. The ball bounces through college, the Army, and the life of a hippie-doper frequently stoned on marijuana and LSD. Rolling to insanity and then back again.
Cillefoyle Park: Secret Negotiations for a Ceasefire
Cillefoyle Park: Secret Negotiations for a Ceasefire is a historical fiction novel about a socialist activist torn between the possibility of politics and the violence exploding during the Troubles in the early 1970?s Northern Ireland. Caught in a nightmare world of secret negotiations for a ceasefire with the British Government and the IRA, death is a possibility when a disloyal IRA man becomes a Supergrass.
An Ideal Girl's Dreams
This fiction eBook is about an ideal girl named Lippy Adnan, who dreams of the many dreams she desires to achieve. For this to happen, she sticks by useful and meaningful quotes. She also pens her own poem for freedom beginning with two magical lines at first and extending it to a little longer great version after she finishes dreaming. Any guy would simply fall for such an ideal girl with dreams because they would get him closer to his heart?s desires. Interested? Why don?t you hit the download button?
"Imagine an entire civilization falling from the sky." These are words spoken by Carlo Baryon, a nineteen year old that lives in the world of Quantum-59, where cities float in the sky. Motorized gliders and rocket-packs are a basic part of life, and the sea is a vast wasteland of unfathomable horrors and disease. Carlo wasn't enthusiastic about being on platform Arka that day with his four friends, but he decided to make the best of it. Carlo and his friends are having a good time. Then one of them is shot dead from an unseen weapon, and the others are forced into a fight they didn't ask for A fight that will determine the course of their lives, and possibly the future of the human race.
I'm Watching You
At the age of twelve, Leah is raped by Derrick Caldwell at a party. Years go by, and she becomes obsessed with him. She begins to follow him around. Her love-hate relationship with him, puts her in dangerous places and threatens to tear part her sanity. This is a psychological thriller about stalking.
The Incident
Mark and Cory are best friends until the day Mark accidentally shoots and kills him with his father's gun. Years later, Mark meets Meg, Cory's younger sister. But Mark can't get over the guilt he feels about killing her brother. It is a twisted love story with an agonizing defeat and a mother who blames Mark for what happens to her son even though it is Cory's fault. It is tragic, painful, difficult, and insightful.
Friends and Foes
The murder of two CIA agents in Spain prompts the sending of a team of agents to the Cadiz area to investigate a rumored illegal weapons deal with potentially devastating military and geopolitical consequences if it goes through. While that weapons deal will prove to be even more lethal than expected, the CIA team sent to Spain will also find out that part of the challenge they will face is to recognize who is a friend and who is a foe.
The First
Amori Johnson is the First, and the Key to the Dweller's escape. The time has come for age old prophecies and divination come to pass, as this one question will be answered: Will the gate be opened?! This is Part 1-4 in the Goral Series.
A Bright & Unique Sibling
This fiction-short story is the biography of my special little brother from his birth 'til manhood. I describe how life threw challenges at him and how he retreated into his shell. Yet with love and regard for his dream wishes, he could be recovered, and in the process he not only survived but also thrived at great heights. Such is the brilliant story of my baby brother. If you have a brother you love, you wouldn?t want to miss this story. So be sure to hit the download button!!

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