For some of us switching the television off or reading 'The End' in our favourite novel doesn't necessarily mean the lives of the characters we've become so involved with has to end. A quick search of the interent or trip down to the local bookstore and we can often quickly find a new story or picture of our hero or heroine. And it doesn't end there.

Nowadays it's simply a matter of logging on to the internet and typing the name of your favourite show and adding fanfic to the search and you'll no doubt soon be inundated with a variety of sites offering you a plethora of different stories or pictures featuring your much loved characters and settings. These fan fiction stories can come in a  wide variety of genres and situtations; whether they be a continuation of what happens in the tv show or movie, putting the main characters in situations you know you'll never see on the show or mixing up the relationships a little (after all just because the produces think character A makes a good match for character B doesn't mean everyone else does) These fanfic stories will also come with a variety of ratings, from the general rating which is suitable for all ages to those designed speficially for adult readers (most fanfic stories will have disclaimers on them and it's always advisable to pay attention to them) you willl also find either slash or alternative stories (same gender pairings) or crossover stories (Harry Potter crossover into the Heroes world etc) it all depends on what you're looking for.

Within the pages of this website I will try to make it a little easier for you to find just the fanfiction story and/or situation you are looking for along with any sites that offer fan art works, places where you can buy paperback novels that feature your favourite shows or characters and anything else that is related to fan fiction. So the next time you watch your favourite show and it heads into a direction you're not all that keen on, or the series ends and you know you're going to want more you can dive back into the lives of your characters online.

This site will be regularly updated as I come across more fandoms and more links to those particular fanfic stories or artworks. If you have any fandom suggestions or story links you would like me to add please vist the and leave a comment.

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Five Point Someone
College University Student Life Love Youth Drama
Throne of the Crescent Moon
The debut novel of Saladin Ahmed, Throne of the Crescent Moon, is something fresh and very conversant in the genre of fantasy. Moved as much by the fairytales of primitive Arabia and Persia as by the plot structures of great fantasy, the outcome is an appealing mixture. Featuring daring dervishes, leading alchemists, and a heavy ghost hunter looking for retirement as the main leading role, the book is the fast-paced and action-packed as one might think, and engaged me all night to finish it despite the present effects of a cold virus.
Glaring Shadow - A Stream of Consciousness Novel
Glaring Shadow in a stream of consciousness mode is the self-account of the life and times of a man, who liquidates his immense wealth only to consign it to the flames. The agony and ecstasy of his life as he makes it big in our materialistic world and the way he loses his soul in the bargain, only to regain it when tragedy strikes him makes one ponder over the meaning of success in life.
Crossing the Mirage - Passing through Youth
Chasing the mirages of life in the sands of despair, one tends to set upon a journey of disarray, exemplified by Chandra?s self-perceived ugliness that stymies his adolescent urges, Nithya?s plight brought about by Vasu?s jilting, Prema?s dejection occasioned by Sathya?s juvenile delinquency. Unfolding the possibilities of life in the oasis of hope in Chandra?s self-discovery and Sathya?s atonement, the novel depicts the pitfalls in ?stalking ways? through Nithya?s retribution and pictures the poignancy of poetic justice in Kala doing a ?Sathya? to Sathya.
Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life
Set in mid 20th Century New Delhi, Jewel-less Crown is about the rise and fall of the Prabhus, the ambitious Gautam and the conniving Sneha, and the inimical life of their wayward son Suresh as well as his ardent times with the vivacious Vidya. In this fascinating saga of life, even as Book I, Artha and Kama, portrays the conflict and resolution arising out of ambition and achievement, intrigue and betrayal, compulsion and compromise, sleaze and scandal, trial and sentence, and regret and remorse, Book II, Dharma and Moksha, depicts the redemption of life in repentance and recompense, hope and despair, love and empathy coupled with compassion and contribution leading to the spirituality of materialism.
Through the Looking-Glass Darkly: A True Tale of Awakening
Are you sure you're awake? Kai was. Or at least pretty sure. That all changed after a shark attack in South Africa catapulted him into the gaping jaws of an existential crisis. He could no longer inhabit Triviality Turf. But answers to life's big questions don't come without a price. And sometimes that price is sanity. Would you be willing to plunge down the rabbit hole of existence to find meaning? Kai didn't have much choice. This witty, multi-layered adventure quest will re-open portals to the interconnected Wonderland most of us are asleep in.
Years of Autistic Creativity
Joseph D. Smith is a creative genius, as he writes in all sorts of fields and various types of creative writing! Joseph is autistic and he uses his autism as a form of empowerment, that he uses through his writing. This is his collection of lyrics, short stories, and his theories. Learn more about the way an autistic person thinks by downloading a copy of this book!
Road Trip of the Undead
This is a story set in a world that has been overwhelmed with reanimated corpses and most of the details are vague. The story follows the teen Andrew, his friends, his family, and his always loyal dog Bubba. Follow along as he escapes what was thought to be sanctuary and battles across the globe as he tries to find a safe place to rest his head at night. Don't worry though, there's plenty of action thrown in as well as plenty of jokes, drama, some juvenile romance, friendship, plenty of disappointment, and of course the best thing about it is that there's a dog. Also, I advice you read the author's note before you begin to help you get some insight on the story and how it came to be.
Hornswoggled in His Love!
This world which is enmity to God, throws out a net to contain and capture as many as would follow its empty rules. The fašade of the glamour it offers with its so-called great morals and the pie-in-the-sky attitudes reveals itself to all those that are seeking God and the relationship with Him, wanting more than this world can proposition. Struggles, we will always have and this story shows many but it will also show that these same struggles aren?t there to bring us down. But to take us to an appreciation of a greater life than this world, and its circumstances, are offering. These things that we call church are counted among those that are letting us down. This is a historical fiction, a novel of the life of the apostle Peter.
Wychetts and the Tome of Terror
The fourth and whackiest book in the Wychetts series! ?The Tome Terriblis is different to most spell books,? explained Inglenook. ?Instead of reading the spells, you have to write them yourself. The power in the Tome takes the words and turns them into magic. If the Tome fell into the wrong hands, the results could be catastrophic.? Secretly ?borrowing? the Tome from the Wychetts library, Bryony uses its magic to make her the brainiest pupil in her class, and unwittingly wins a place at a special new school for intellectually gifted children. Suspecting Bryony of cheating, the jealous Edwin discovers the Tome and takes Bryony?s place.

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