For some of us switching the television off or reading 'The End' in our favourite novel doesn't necessarily mean the lives of the characters we've become so involved with has to end. A quick search of the interent or trip down to the local bookstore and we can often quickly find a new story or picture of our hero or heroine. And it doesn't end there.

Nowadays it's simply a matter of logging on to the internet and typing the name of your favourite show and adding fanfic to the search and you'll no doubt soon be inundated with a variety of sites offering you a plethora of different stories or pictures featuring your much loved characters and settings. These fan fiction stories can come in a  wide variety of genres and situtations; whether they be a continuation of what happens in the tv show or movie, putting the main characters in situations you know you'll never see on the show or mixing up the relationships a little (after all just because the produces think character A makes a good match for character B doesn't mean everyone else does) These fanfic stories will also come with a variety of ratings, from the general rating which is suitable for all ages to those designed speficially for adult readers (most fanfic stories will have disclaimers on them and it's always advisable to pay attention to them) you willl also find either slash or alternative stories (same gender pairings) or crossover stories (Harry Potter crossover into the Heroes world etc) it all depends on what you're looking for.

Within the pages of this website I will try to make it a little easier for you to find just the fanfiction story and/or situation you are looking for along with any sites that offer fan art works, places where you can buy paperback novels that feature your favourite shows or characters and anything else that is related to fan fiction. So the next time you watch your favourite show and it heads into a direction you're not all that keen on, or the series ends and you know you're going to want more you can dive back into the lives of your characters online.

This site will be regularly updated as I come across more fandoms and more links to those particular fanfic stories or artworks. If you have any fandom suggestions or story links you would like me to add please vist the and leave a comment.

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Wychetts and the Tome of Terror
The fourth and whackiest book in the Wychetts series! ?The Tome Terriblis is different to most spell books,? explained Inglenook. ?Instead of reading the spells, you have to write them yourself. The power in the Tome takes the words and turns them into magic. If the Tome fell into the wrong hands, the results could be catastrophic.? Secretly ?borrowing? the Tome from the Wychetts library, Bryony uses its magic to make her the brainiest pupil in her class, and unwittingly wins a place at a special new school for intellectually gifted children. Suspecting Bryony of cheating, the jealous Edwin discovers the Tome and takes Bryony?s place.
Wychetts and the Farm of Fear
Wychetts and the Farm of Fear- the third book in the Wychetts series. ?Forgive me, but you must be lost if you?re heading towards Barrenbrake Farm...? A pleasant country hike turns into a struggle to save the world, when a shortcut home takes Bryony, Edwin and their parents through a derelict farm manned by walking scarecrows. Held captive by the farm?s cruel owners, the children must face their deepest fears to prevent an old enemy raising an ancient power and plunging the whole planet into eternal darkness...
Project Merge
Project Merge was developed years ago as part of the Intelligence sector to find solutions and solves problems for an almost extinct human species, but not everything that is discovered is a positive advancement for humans. It was called upon Lina, who can't remember her past, because she was min controlled for over ten years to act as a soldier and scientist to research what makes humans find and act based on intelligent choices.
Messiah Clone
The Messiah Clone novel reads like a run-away bullet train racing towards a washed-out bridge. Before the end times come. Before His return. Before the Rapture. Before being LEFT BEHIND...there was the Messiah Clone. Discover the signs of the end. The Messiah Clone answers the age old question that the Disciples brought to Jesus on the Mount of Olives when they asked, ?Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age??What if Jesus was cloned? Would the world accept him? Would they worship him? What if those responsible for cloning and training him had questionable motivation? This novel reveals the possible signs of the end of the age in a fast paced thriller.
?Dear Mum, we have just moved into our new house, although there?s nothing much new about it. It?s called Wychetts and is falling to bits. There?s no electricity, so I?m having to write this by candlelight. Even worse, I?ve got to share a room with HIM.?Old and crumbling it might be, but the derelict cottage contains an amazing secret: an ancient magic power that enables Bryony and her hated stepbrother Edwin to make their wishes come true!But the children soon discover there are things that even magic cannot fix; and when their plans to rid themselves of each other go wrong, Bryony and Edwin must work together to save Wychetts, and the world, from the clutches of the evil Shadow Clan...
shady medicos
Introducing a new character called Major Dickey, a highly decorated officer from Indian Army helping state police to come to grips with problems having international ramifications. He is engaged by Government of Singapore to deal with shady doctors who use Singapore to perform unauthorised surgery disregarding ethics of their profession.This story is a part of a collection of ten dramatic cases handled by Dickey,
An Honest Man, Book One of The Donkey and the Wall trilogy
An Honest Man begins the trilogy. From the humble roots of an 1864 immigrant from the Guang, his Shoshone wife and their little hardware store in Tahoe City, to a global humanitarian NGO empire in the present day. An Honest Man is the carefully woven tapestry of the struggles and love, triumphs and trials of the Livingsons. An Honest Man begins the thousand step journey in pursuit of a few simple questions: What if there were ancient lineages of highly conscious individuals emergent into the present day? What would their world be like? And more importantly, What would our world be like? Ultimately shedding light on that eternal question: What is reality?
Rolling Thunder, Wings of War Series, Book 1 of 5
Rolling Thunder is an historical novel about the decisive role politics played during the Vietnam war. Its characters range from men in the field to the Pentagon and the White House. Fighter pilots and Special Forces warriors doing their best in the field are hampered by President Johnson, Secretary of Defense McNamara and their staff members who despise the military. Only one aging USAF general, who fought in Korea and WWII is on their side. His clashes with his Commander in Chief, Lyndon Johnson, are epic in proportion and startling in content. Four airline stewardesses come under attack when they are forced to spend the night on a fighter base in Vietnam after their airliner develops a problem.
Light in the Middle of Darkness
Five short fiction stories of light trapped in life?s darkness.
A Story Narrated by an Amature
This is a book will make you feel comfortable and will enjoy the joy of awkward writing. A promise from a student to all readers who will love and enjoy it. Make your self comfortable to read and share to your friends.

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