For some of us switching the television off or reading 'The End' in our favourite novel doesn't necessarily mean the lives of the characters we've become so involved with has to end. A quick search of the interent or trip down to the local bookstore and we can often quickly find a new story or picture of our hero or heroine. And it doesn't end there.

Nowadays it's simply a matter of logging on to the internet and typing the name of your favourite show and adding fanfic to the search and you'll no doubt soon be inundated with a variety of sites offering you a plethora of different stories or pictures featuring your much loved characters and settings. These fan fiction stories can come in a  wide variety of genres and situtations; whether they be a continuation of what happens in the tv show or movie, putting the main characters in situations you know you'll never see on the show or mixing up the relationships a little (after all just because the produces think character A makes a good match for character B doesn't mean everyone else does) These fanfic stories will also come with a variety of ratings, from the general rating which is suitable for all ages to those designed speficially for adult readers (most fanfic stories will have disclaimers on them and it's always advisable to pay attention to them) you willl also find either slash or alternative stories (same gender pairings) or crossover stories (Harry Potter crossover into the Heroes world etc) it all depends on what you're looking for.

Within the pages of this website I will try to make it a little easier for you to find just the fanfiction story and/or situation you are looking for along with any sites that offer fan art works, places where you can buy paperback novels that feature your favourite shows or characters and anything else that is related to fan fiction. So the next time you watch your favourite show and it heads into a direction you're not all that keen on, or the series ends and you know you're going to want more you can dive back into the lives of your characters online.

This site will be regularly updated as I come across more fandoms and more links to those particular fanfic stories or artworks. If you have any fandom suggestions or story links you would like me to add please vist the and leave a comment.

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Near the Mediterranean Sea
This story is a rare one in my collections. It describes the bonds we grew with people foreign to us, yet kept sharing our moments with them until the very end. Yes, in short, it describes how our own family bonds got strengthened where we stayed for six whole months near the Mediterranean Sea. After that we were coming back to our country but our love among us, our love for those people and their love for us made everything so sad and sweet at the end, which makes it all an unforgettable and beautiful imprint in our memories.
Linehan's Ordeal
The third story in the Sean Linehan series, set in the year 2021. Linehan brings over his dead boss to Hong Kong to open Asia?s finest sports venue, the SplattaDome. Captivated by the alluring Hypatia, Sean gets kidnapped by Maoist guerrillas and help prisoner in a safe house. His government will not pay a ransom. Can he stay alive long enough to fulfil his quest to give up the perks of his job ? money, girls and dodgy antiques - and become good? Or even long enough to see Hypatia again? Will his policeman friend, Wayne, rescue him? Dark humour and subtle satire enrich this short tale of our all-too-near future.
Castle Mine 2
The continuing stories of the old Duke and his grandson inhabiting their castle.
Idea and Stories From a Vodkaholic
This is a part factual, part fictional story of a 'vodkaholic'. From serious to zany it follows the main character, Mac, who lives in Lakewood, Colorado (Green Mountain Neighborhood). After the protagonist receives his second DUI a chance encounter leads to an initiative combating obesity; and Colorado may be the state for it to happen. Contains a couple of stories with coarse language.
High Desert Sages
High Desert Sages is the last novel in the Might Companion Series. This novel catapults you over the horizon and beyond after you find out that your old friends the time walkers are now facing off against their greatest challenge ever! Against that of the stars in skies and the moon from above. This is where the negative feeding of the banshees that are protecting the forests of fears try to engulf the entire planet with the negativity of the forces that make up longevity against those who are living every moment in the here and now.
Forests of Fears
Forests of Fears is the third novel of four in the mighty companion series that faces the most extreme display of outright treachery that can only be found in the old west. Well digger Delaney Sanford Dixon and his family are found to be living on a gold mine. Rustled up by the United States government and the State of Nevada, Alvin Richardson finds his way to life everlasting, only to find it crumbling down around him. As the worries of a very difficult life have become a reality, his family seems to be slipping away for good.
The Drums of Time
This second edition of The Mighty Companion Series sheds new light on what otherwise would've been a very dark place. A dark place that's still designated by The Inner Spirit of The Well of The Eternal. Better known by us when conjured as being The Mighty Companion. The same spirit as the well digger Delaney Sanford Dixon. The next position would only have gone to a person who has proven that they can still carry on in life. Even when shown the magnitude and face of sheer adversity that goes along with any trial by fire.
Lonely River Pass
A look inside this first edition of The Mighty Companion Series. Here lies an in-depth history of the long forgotten Lonely River Pass, and the fervor that any one of these old type of locations surely can bring. It's humble location in this world of perpetual life has made this place more prevalent in the lives of everyone around it. It even appeared that, at the time, things could've been perpetuated in a different way. All for their first magnificent taste of The Well of The Eternal, located in the mountains and foothills that surround Sure Hill Valley.
Pushpa Unveiled
Pushpa, a feisty little girl from a tribal village in Odisha, India, is taken to the city of Kolkata, where she is forced to learn the art of street survival. Through a series of misadventures, she eventually finds herself at the mercy of pimps and panderers who plan to exploit her in the sex trade of Sonagachi, a notorious brothel area in the city. However Pushpa is no ordinary girl and the forces of darkness are no match for her indomitable will and courage. This story is interlaced with factual information concerning the culture of India and the plight of children caught in trafficking. The message is one of hope and victory.
Heaven Is Too Far Away
Funnier than Kelly?s Heroes, darker in places than Catch-22, and more irreverent than M*A*S*H, this satirical WW I Royal Flying Corps memoir will leave the reader in stitches and historians shaking their heads. The most aggressive pilot wins. Lieutenant-Colonel Tucker racks up quite a score, and it's not just enemy aircraft either, for the tall and heavily decorated Will Tucker. He likes the ladies and they like him. The fact that he flies against the Red Baron and lives to write his memoirs is just a bonus.

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